Republicans Lash Out at Liz Cheney for Not Supporting Trump's Big Lie: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party and the conservative movement punishing those who refute their deranged 2020 election beliefs.

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Republicans Lash Out at Liz Cheney for Not Supporting Trump’s Big Lie: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Yup It’s me says:

Why do we say “ shots” instead of vaccines 🤦🏽‍♂️

FirestoneX says:

I'm kinda sick of cancel culture though. It may be all little things. But I've seen so much of it. Especially in the anime community. It's like people want to be outraged and will find anything they can to do it to.

Ann Verkler says:

that was a really good lindel impression!

Jeremy Dupea says:

Your Vince Vaughn impression was superb!!!!

sheila lopez says:

I'll bet if I go over there and ask for my ballot they have to give it to me. And, I would hold it up for all the world to see.

veronica Alleyne says:

I say let them consume themselves & maybe they'll one day finally go the way of the Whigs republicans are a bunch of horrid people who should absolutely never hold majority power ever again unless you want more of the same x 10

Fello vargas says:

Ya remember was seth meyers was funny now. All his jokes are so vanilla now. blah blah republicans bad add horrible impersonation.

ScriptKeeper says:

5:12 I actually choked on my apple, heaven help me, the Republicans are trying to turn me into Snow White!

hajkie says:

Fox news: "We're not getting any more viewers from our fucking screwed up entertainment shows we run, gotta come with some new content"
Fox news advisor: "Just say something got canceled, that will get viewers back"
Fox news boss: "But who, nothing really is getting canceled"
Fox news advisor 2: "Well, i saw snow white yesterday…."
Fox news boss: "THATS IT!"

12entz says:

What’s your wifi. 😂

paul stewart says:

Grimms fairy tales. Read them

Katbell says:

Oatly is my favorite oatmilk too. But I can't find it here in Canada. We have a few good alternative though.
My whole family back home always buy a few extra because it runs out all the time, because it's so popular!

Makenna Lawson says:

Didn't Aurora get kissed from her sleep too?

R A says:

Speaking of Disney, John Kennedy sounds like the sheriff from Robin Hood.

Jerome FitzRoy says:

Who cares! Let them destroy themselves! They crazy.

Oliver Farfan says:

Trump cult must end, for the sake of America the free and just. These Republicans must be remove from power and wealth. Sad days ahead.

JimmyDeLocke says:

The Vince Vaughn impression is dead-on. Don't listen to those haters

Gina Kay says:

Mc carthy is a big fat losing liar Every Time He Opens His dirty mouth #REMOVEMCCARTHY2022

Eko Jar says:

We don't care about your feelings, Snow white has to go, and that won't be the last. We have lots of things that will get axed, but it's not who you think it is. Its smart business people that realize something they made in the past is offensive in today's time, and before someone makes a big deal out of it, they get rid of it. Like if Fox didn't cancel Futurama. Im pretty sure Leo Wong would get the axe but not Amy Wong for the same reason Apu got the axe.

AsThe3rdEye says:

Let us just appreciate the irony that Rodger Ailes was "forced out" as Fox News chairman due to allegations of sexual harassment.

Debra Ortega-foster says:

Hate to tell you this. You Radical Republicans but you have been screwed for the last four years.

Rackotish says:

We can never rewind the clock Seth

David B says:

It's a fucking cult.

David B says:

Ok I popped on gabbagoul

S Burgos says:

I hope these war mongering dinosaurs leave as soon as possible because they are dead weight holding down a new golden age for the party.

Carolina Murtha says:

Um, Prince Charming is Cinderella. The prince from Snow White is Prince Florian. Sleeping Beauty is Prince Phillip.

Carry on.

Jim Mcdevitt says:

WRONG…Republicans lash out at Cheney for not supporting republicans. Republicans elected Cheney to represent the people , not her own bidding. This just proves it’s all based on a grudge.

Jim Mcdevitt says:

Another lie perpetuated by Captain Forehead!