Republicans Oust Liz Cheney for Rejecting Trump's Big Lie: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at House Republicans voting to remove Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney from her leadership position for not showing sufficient loyalty to former President Trump.

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Republicans Oust Liz Cheney for Rejecting Trump’s Big Lie: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Theodora Kimmel says:

If the Democrats cheated they would have done it far sooner than this. When you are ruthless you will stop at nothing to get your way. How dare he scare everyone. After COVID? Just because these people agree with you and support you doesn’t mean you’re genuinely concerned with your wellbeing. You scared everyone. You did not care. And then, you have all these Republicans saying the election was stolen. THEN WHY HAVEN’T the Democrats done it sooner? Mail in ballots? If people want to win by all means they don’t wait. You’re suggesting that because people couldn’t take you anymore, that they cheated? I find that hard to believe. The mass anger, secrecy, and trashy of values that would require. All YOU did was alienate people and breed mistrust. You have a problem? Tell only the few people that need to know. YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.

Janna Myers says:

You won't get shoved out by a nut.

Janna Myers says:

Trump will not live live forever.

Terry Lee says:

He would never say he's losing, he believes is always a winner. no matter what happens to him, he claims to still be a winner. that's Trump's brain, only comprised of ego and self praise

Bart Feather says:

Liz is a victim of her own father’s political philosophy: Get your lie on tv first and it becomes reality. He created it in the Reagan / GHW Bush administration and perfected it in the GW Bush administration.

Anna Swigart says:

Cheney and others who supported the birther lie, paved the way for Trump. Now she is ousted. It is good she isn’t supporting Trumpism, but this g do leant make her a saint.

Whip-its_dad says:

I just watched a video from Sammy The Bull Gravano saying the mafia rigged the election for Kennedy so your saying the Dems cant do it now ?

Fabio Polidori says:

Lindsey Gram didn't say "He sides with them", he said "He SEEMS to side with them". Could be a tiny little gram of soul sparked in that husk and it's trying to get noticed disrupting his talk with little signs of unexpected truth like this.

marte thompson says:

I've determined that the GOP can't go forward with Lindsey Graham.

Micah Belliston says:

The Republican Party has joined the Dark Side of the Force

Thirst Fast says:

It's too bad "Vinceaholics Vaughnonymous" got buried in this, that was stellar!

Atlantic Beach says:

The lady is NO nugget muncher! Too bad her ex-constituants don't have the nerve to call
a crook a crook!

Chris S says:

This might not mean much but I'm supporting the Vince Vaughn impression. I'm sure actual Owen Wilson would too, WOW

Mireille Lebeau says:

„You can not open the mind of another if you do not have an open mind yourselves.“
_Hatake Kakashi

lewt187 says:

My god this boomer is trying to rehabilitate Mitt Romney, a man who made his fortune destroying the American steelworker industry. It's spelled sike.

Robert Lynagh says:

There was no big lie from Pres. Trump Cheney is a disgrace, she knows what she is saying is BS. And the clown talking is neither a comedian or politician. I will bet he has at least one hundred viewers

Bat man says:

The wandering quill technically depend because slime disappointingly stare of a lewd production. direful, brash nickel

Jens Müller says:

"Never have we had a President who is so reluctant to defend America overseas"

Liz, that is called ATTACKING. You can only defend America AT HOME. If You go somewhere else YOU are the one attacking and your victims are the ones defending. But that, of course, doesn't fit with the nazi prerogative to massacre anyone anywhere for profit and claim it's actually "defense".

Dad's daughter all the way. The nazi doesn't fall far from the massmurdering, torturing war monger.

Sem says:

afraid to defend america but at the same time racked up the highest amount of drone kills


DChemTech says:

To be fair, they never said Trump is on the side of hard working people. They said he appears to be on their side. Which is exactly what they want: fool the hardworking middle class by pretending to be on their side, to further their own agenda.

Kande69 says:

God bless you Liz Cheney for speaking out for democracy and our constitution and not joining the Trump/Hitler regime!!! God bless you and you will have my vote as well as many others that I hear that support you!!! Liz Cheney for President!!!!!!!!!!!

Corn Pop says:

I like how seth still pretends to be a man of the people talking about visiting bodegas while living in his multi million penthouse

cave lee says:


Bozz LP says:

the republican party got so dumb, that they literally push out anyone who shows signs of a working brain. America is a joke!

Codevious says:

January Sex! 5:31

Alex Vinson says:

Mitt Romney does not take Public transportation. That's for the commons.

James Harris says:

Cheney proves there is no room for honesty and integrity in the GOP. Now that the orange clown is gone, scumbaggery still remains.

Solomon Ogunbitan says:

It was the Cheneys that benefited from IRAQ WAR and HALIBUTON, her father pushed Bush into war, that is why she's trying to rehabilitate her family's image by attacking the the Republicans so as to look good to FAKENEWS LIBERALMEDIA COMMUNISTS.