Robbie Williams Strong live at Knebworth

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Robbie Williams performing Strong live at Knebworth.
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pamelahl1 says:

@regiraver Hello 🙂 Annotations can be a bit of pain, but if you click the little red icon on the lower right it turns them off. Come back & watch again, click the icon & watch Robbie 😉 Have a great day! ~pamela

pamelahl1 says:

@regiraver I'm really sorry that you though in some way I was insulting you. 🙁 I never intended that. I was only trying to be helpful, some poeple really don't know what these little icons are used for. You were wrong to have thought that about me. Not everyone that is watching videos and leaving comments is an azz. ~pamela

Narmin Aydamirova says:

you ARE strong.

mindaugasan says:


theeasyma says:

The day I went to his concert (not this one) was definately one of the greatest days of my life!

Raelyn says:

Yeah… Youtube doesn't need more people like you.

I can already imagine your response being similar to "Why the fuck are you replying" "It's not your business" and all that malarkey, I honestly don't care because you need to be corrected. Nothing in the world gives you the right to forget your manners regardless of whether you're talking to strangers on the internet or anyone for that matter. Wishing for the death of someone is just morally sickening that you can even type that.

Hebisasuke says:

oh fuck of uncletommy1. no one can beat the king.. If RW heard you say that, he would punch you

solange lopez says:

love u rob, you are the king of pop!! you're an angel…love u so much!!

solange lopez says:

the best singer in the fucking world <3

solange lopez says:

please rob came to argentina we miss u a lot

solange lopez says:

como me hubiera encantado haber estado ahi rob, sos la persona mas hermosa del planeta

cathy broughton says:

I was at this concert he was a amazing is even better looking in real life yum yum

Ted Wang says:

This is Robbie's best song ever ever ever ever ever!!!!!!

Saul Veloz says:

Duxa es lo mejor saludos pajero!

Ronald Oviedo says:

Ejercito twittero-pajero de duxa

Osunillaz says:

Grande duxa

Dawn Hilton says:

keep bangin them out Robbie. woop woop

LetiziaRocca says:

Looking at this vid, I see him as a king of his crazy, happy world and all the crowd there bows and participates in his crazy fest celebrating life with every single breath and tone that comes out of his mouth. I love this man, I always have and always will!

kinkycinnamon13 says:

I grew up with Robbie's music. I feel like I've known him forever. Thank you, Robbie. Always gonna love you and your music. A true artist. I totally respect and appreciate you.

r3g3n3sis says:

EPIC 06:26 am

nick beridze says:

his performance is not only pop it's rock too 🙂

sophie turner says:

God of Rock and Pop

greatpopradio John says:

I always got Thums Up for Feel Robbie Parties Williams it an old Fan and Playlist thing 😀

Brigitte says:

Whaatt the fackk' much people ;o

Wyman Space says:

This is my favorite song! … my life's a mess, but I'm hanging on … I try to be strong for my little one.

Declan Crawley says:

i am a huge fan robbie i came to your consert 2018