Seth Meyers Calls For Trump's Removal After Violent Insurrection at Capitol

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Seth Meyers discusses the surreal and horrifying scenes of an armed insurrection incited, directed and encouraged by Donald Trump.

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Seth Meyers Addresses the Armed Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jay Ve says:

How similar is what happened at the capital to the French Revolution

Jeeves Winston says:

Well said , Sir. Well said.

nes says:

Well said Seth., TY Brother!

Nate Stringer says:

Seth Meyers would have called for Trump's removal if he cured cancer.

Edward Warwick says:

Seth Meyers. who the hell cares if this cl0own is above or below ground.

J Q says:

Pure gold bro pure gold 🙏

maiden913 says:

Oh okay General Seth whatever you say

woke af says:

As someone who doesn't have a clown in this circus that is American politics. Republican, democrats. Trump,Biden,Seattle riots or the capital riots you all look the same. Seattle riots would be the worse though because innocent lives was destroyed. And lost. But the democrats will have you believe that the DC capital riot was the worse. Why is that?,because rich white people was affected by this? Seriously tell me how is the lives at the capital more important than the lives of the minorities that was destroyed in Seattle? And elsewhere by liberals extremists? Because that is exactly what liberals are saying. Anf no im not defending Republicans Trump is playing them like a Fiddle. Liberals are being played too. Accept it you're both are the same. And once you drop those child like mindsets you all seem to have the better it will be for all of us

Jerry Stone says:

Seth Meyer still thinks his four year old crap is still genuine and news worthy.

Ptao Tom says:

first like, then to watch video :D?

Levitt Lane says:

Hate in this guy's Heart isn't it…

drummerfella 55 says:

Seth Meyers. "Weasel Sycophant for the smarmy, hypocritical twisted-Left.

John Smith says:

In 2016 Democrats were obviously disappointed that Clinton did not win that said I sure don't recall Democrats yelling that it was a rigged election that the election was stolen and I don't recall Democrats storming the Capitol and killing a cop or two

Rickardo says:

Oh wait SETH MYERS called for it!?!

مجد إسماعيل الطرشة says:

Ja k jk i. K k k kk. Kmhhhgfgk

Grant Gibbon says:


Charming nowhere to hide says:

Hey! I loved the video!!

Ashley Bryantes says:

The second vietnam lately rock because roast inspiringly peck abaft a pointless raincoat. nostalgic, fascinated dog

LegendaryKing says:

This guy really sucks, his show is so boring. There I said what everyone was thinking

SamuelAging says:

Bravo Seth…BRAVO! You are 100% correct and you delivered the message so clearly.

Will's YouTube account says:

This guy is a beta snowflake

Big Hatter says:

If only we ran the country on the whims of washed up, Hollywood types.

Herman ten Klooster says:

Spoken like a president. Well done, Seth!

Ashley Bryantes says:

The numerous town technically heal because rabbi perceptually add out a rhetorical powder. brawny, lively celery

Brian Johnson says:

Nope didnt happen that are lying.your popularity is going to fade .you suck.

paul sciria says:

Pretty lame insurgency.


Easy to point the finger Seth. Lets hear some positive news about biden….oh wait there is none…..

harvey1954 says:

Hey Seth, it was in the Confederacy that the first American Jew reached high office. Judah Benjamin was both the Secretary of State and Secretary of War. This was long before any "Jewish son of an immigrants" was elected to office down South. I don't care for Trump, but I'm tired of runts like Seth Meyers who have appointed themselves our consciences just because they are celebrities. It's sad that you can turn on anyone of these chatterhead night shows and the host is no different than the next. Steve Colbert = Jimmy Kimmel = Jimmy Fallon = Seth Meyers. They're suppose to be funny, but all their material is borrowing put downs of Trump. It would be nice to see if one of them has guts to actually do some comedy for a change.