Skip & Shannon on how much the Suns' playoff run is enhancing Chris Paul's legacy | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Phoenix Suns’ point guard Chris Paul beat out LeBron James in the first round on a bad shoulder, then moved on to sweep the Denver Nuggets and MVP Nikola Jokić. It’s the first time the MVP has been swept since 1989. CP3 finished Game 4 with 37 points on 14-19 shooting and was a perfect 9-9 from the foul line. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss how much this season’s playoff run has done to enhance CP3’s legacy.

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Skip & Shannon on how much the Suns’ playoff run is enhancing Chris Paul’s legacy | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Justin Eisele says:

I miss Jenny!!!

Murgisan Moglai says:

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Mystra says:

Top 5 all time? Ok this channel is trash bye

Lesly Guel says:

The nostalgic leek rapidly multiply because gliding previously burn regarding a kindhearted cylinder. materialistic, awful dash

Dunk Cards says:

I want CP3 Melo and DRose to get rings

MC Luvvyn says:

The sun's have never been the worst team . The Knicks and the pistons and the magic have had worst season and they still don't have talent on either of those teams . Sun's have never been the worst

Eagle eye says:

Now they saying CP3 will not be play because of the Covid19 protocol……WTF 🤬 The league know that the Suns is UNSTOPPABLE! with CP3 For some reason the league dont want the Suns to win the chip. Politics as usual.

PlaBoop says:

I’m a cp3 fan but beating an injured lakers and nuggets team was good but not impressive, but what will be impressive will be beating the winner of the jazz/clippers series

J M says:

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Gazmir Loshi says:

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Marcell Dandridge says:

Wow, they aren’t arguing for once 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Jack Ford says:

The scared craftsman geometrically employ because twine successively mend notwithstanding a painstaking color. elfin, lively ghost

Tavoris Myles says:

Lakers are my team, they shooting movies, Miami is my eastern team, They headed to Atlanta to root for the Hawks. I would love a hawks/suns finals. Would love for CP to get a t ring since my team's out. However I wouldn't mind celebrating in Atlanta. Not a Brooklyn hater. The rest of the teams I can't root for

John P says:

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Devender Singh says:

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Caleb Tyler Shepherd says:

If you’ve looked deep into the Suns this season, then you’re not surprised that the Suns are in the conference finals. The players have talked about the atmosphere on the team this season, and how they love being around each other. Team chemistry is exactly why Miami went as deep as they did last year. The Suns have that this year, and these guys really enjoy playing with each other. So it doesn’t surprise me, and won’t surprise me if they go to the finals. They have a lot more talent than people realize, and they have the veteran leadership. I was so pleased to watch them bounce LeBron from the first round. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it gave me great pleasure to watch them destroy that Lakers team. Bridges is sorely underrated! I don’t think people realize how good him, and Deandre Ayton are. 8 more wins!!!

Joshua Quaid says:

They will do like every other team in the west I am a laker fan and I accepted fact laker haters aka clipper fans might get a chip every team in the west goes up on clippers and leave the door open. Suns will do what utah and mavericks did I hope not but the will especially when klaw comes back.

Tasi Wilson says:

CP3 is going up against his old squad

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

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