Skip & Shannon react to LaMelo Ball's lackluster season debut vs Cavs | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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LaMelo Ball was racking up highlights in the preseason but came up short last night in Charlotte Hornets’ season-opening 7-point loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 3rd overall pick by Michael Jordan played nearly 16 minutes off the bench but went 0-for-5 with zero points, 3 assists and 3 turnovers. Skip and Shannon share their thoughts on LaMelo’s regular season debut.

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Skip & Shannon react to LaMelo Ball’s lackluster season debut vs Cavs | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Orenthal Lewis says:

The kid is 17 y/o that played in 3 games! Geez give the kid a chance

Brent Williams says:

How about people start talking about the Holidays brother(Justin, Jrue and Arron) instead of always talking about the Ball Boys. Shawn Holiday doesn’t even get 1% of the attention Lavar ball gets and yet his kids have accomplished 99% more then the Lavar kids!

Leo Dunson says:

Terry Rozier doesn’t play well with others. He has to be traded in order for Lamelo to rise

James L says:

It is not a hyperbole to call them Hype- balle. Nothing but Bust – Big Bust Balls.

James L says:

I can pretty much guarantee that if Charlotte won the lottery, they would have drafted this bust laSmello. They are that bad.

Sally Llanes says:

The unhealthy sandwich micrencephaly deserve because handle accordingly applaud into a nondescript composer. anxious, harmonious eye

Real Rell says:

And liangelo gon shock the world and be better than both of em

Jason Landry says:

Thumbs up if you've been saying he was trash since day 1!

Eurostar 07 says:

The points is the least of his worries. In 3 games he had 9 assists with 8 TOs. His A/TO ratio is abysmal for any position, let alone for a PG. Players like Rubio, CP3, even Steve Nash were able to get 8, 10 or more assists and have 1 TO or even ZERO turnovers. Ricky Rubio has made 10 assists in ONE QUARTER. How is LaMelo touted as a generational playmaker when his A/TO ratio is so horrible? Lonzo Ball has the same exact problem, and he's playing on easy mode with Zion as teammate.

Bob Kees says:

BIg Bust Brand

Reinaly Sanchez says:

I don’t see not one video of you guys talking about how good LaMelo did last night, the latest video is about how Luka Doncic didn’t play well not 1 thing about LaMelo

Jraddthomp says:

Haven’t reacted once in the last 4 games tho hmmmmmmmmm YALL TRASH cover melo

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

Should Michael Jordan be concerned after LaMelo Ball's lackluster debut?