Skip & Shannon react to the Clippers as sudden Game 3 favorites over Dallas | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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The Los Angeles Clippers find themselves in a 0-2 hole to climb out of against the Dallas Mavericks when they play Game 3 tomorrow in Dallas. The Clippers opened as a one-and-a-half point themselves and are now two-point favorites according to FOX Bet Sportsbook. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to the updated Clippers’ odds on taking Game 3 against Luka Dončić and the Mavericks.

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Skip & Shannon react to the Clippers as sudden Game 3 favorites over Dallas | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Ostler Gene says:

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Nemesis z says:

crazy thing is kawhi and pg13 been playing nice too just like luka(best 3 players on the floor) but rest of the mavs roster is just outplaying rest of the clippers roster which goes to show why the 73-9 warriors and kawhi on that raptors team were so deadly… was because aside from the starters they were deep teams with very good bench and role players who knew there role and played it

Santonio P says:

This is exactly what Kawhi gets for lying to the Lakers making it seem like he wanted to go there and then switching at the last moment. I hope the Lakers win again so he can realize even further how bad a decision that was because how much better would they have been with him when they’re already winning without him.

ESSJ333 says:

Its do or die if Clips dont win game 3 its bye bye.

ESSJ333 says:

I can see the excuse already by Skip "Rondo didnt get enough minutes thats why they lost" lol

RandomIndie says:

Pat Bev is going to run head first into Luka’s knees. You heard it hear first.

MBJ920 says:

I called the mavs winning the series from the start of the playoffs. They’re such a great team

mago97615 says:

Even if i'm routing for MAVS , i know that Clippers would take at least 2 games , so maybe Dallas in 6 , but if they go for game 7 , i think the Clippers couldn't lose that… SERIOUSLY , Dallas has to close this serie in 6

Ismael Lopez says:

Steve Balmer looks like Chuck the Condor.

Louis Sosin says:

Mavs sweep or beat Clippers in 5. Clippers might get 6 games if they're lucky.

3ronin says:

It's unfair for the clips they have no home games how do you expect them to win in the mavs and lakers stadium

rip jones says:

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Elaine Ng says:

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King Dre says:

Clippers are going to the NBA finals vs Brooklyn nets this season

Voice of Validity says:

I wanna see Luke play, the whole team play, Mann, Luke, Rondo, and Reggie, let's sit Bev out.

Sk2PPer says:

Where's tht same energy? 🤡 Let's go Clippers‼️ Game 3 W 👌🏾

Tim Jackson says:

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Nunya Bidnezz says:

Tbh idk why yall acting like dallas is gonna win xD clippers are full of dorks but they are gonna close this out in 6

Basketball Player says:

Let's go Clippers, my favorite team.

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

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