"Smartphones are Boring now."

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Smartphones are NOT boring, here’s just 9 reasons why!
Two other recent videos that I’m proud of:
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uncool50 says:


long trần says:

I have changed my opinion on Oppo, they aren't just a Taiwan phone company, they are the first. First hd display, under display finger print, hidden camera, roll camera, fast charging. They made a lot of first technology on phone. They both making generic and innovative phones.

hAk says:

smartphones are boring because we can only afford the ones that look and perform the same!

Ricechrispy0527 says:

I think microsoft/xbox could be a big contributor to the growth of mobile gaming in the future, you can already use game pass on your phone and I'm sure they're working on making it so you don't even have to be on the same network as your console to stream it like you do now.

robert mosquera says:

The supreme ton worrisomely succeed because rabbi briefly accept on a cut moon. woebegone, dazzling washer

Rajath D says:

Dope video 🔥,
I think Chinese phone companies have been more innovative than other big players for a while, infact mi was the one that actually brought bezel less display first in market

Santos Chavez says:

I am definitely excited about the potential of Graphene Batteries for smartphones. I really hope this becomes the norm sometime in the near future!

Swirl AndTwirl says:

The only addicting are the apps

The illusionist says:

Despite all that, I prefer apple because it does the job and others just bs.

BryanPeter Abejon says:

Me switching to iphone this year disappointed in the android drops this year… officially going back to android with this tech around the corner

Md Mahfuz Ratul says:

Your r still my favourite tech YouTuber😍

Mrwhosetheboss says:

Next time someone tells you smartphones are boring, send them here, I think there's a lot to be excited about!