so you want to build a nuke

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As it happens yellowcake isn’t actually that delicious.
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Plutonium is obviously a massive part of the story too, but it just didn’t lend itself to jokes. Sorry about that.

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Why are you looking this far down in the description? Really I’m not sure why I am either. But since we’re both here, how about this wonderful Turkish song I listened to on repeat for about a week while editing this video:


In other timeline: Amarcin and soivet : lanuch there Nuclear bombs at the same time
Soilder frome team dafance for 2 aka tf2 :now we all sons of B I T C H E S

Mohd Arsh says:

Nice tutorial thank you for your help when FBI will ask me where did I learn this shit from I will whatsapp them your channel link ☺️✌️

Kurtis Cunningham says:

Add to wish list

Woke Ewok says:

5:17 what playing against Gandhi is like on civ 6

job3ztah says:

I guess we all on the fbi watchlist.

The British Empire says:

And making people stop fricking existing anymore- xD

Alexandra Cowley says:

This is probably my favourite video so far

PoliShock says:

Yo, anyone else notice that the stalk of the mushroom cloud looks like an old man at 5:46?

PhantomStranger says:

Damn, this is my 5686th strike.

Hugo Sánchez Chinesta says:

All fun and games until some raging monkey discovers antimatter bombs

Google Incognito says:

These videos make me realize every time I watch them that we’re all going to die anyways so I might as well enjoy it here while I have time

F.B.I. says:

HOW BUILDD NUKCKE FAST?????????????!?!!?!+?+!!

E Conno says:

“Hey Ferb I know what we’re gonna do today” 😏