Some of the Best of Peanut! | JEFF DUNHAM

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Click here to watch: “Some of the Best of Achmed | JEFF DUNHAM” –~–
He’s purple, he’s wacky… please welcome my buddy, Peanut!! Check out these “best of” moments from your favorite green-haired, one-shoed dude with an attitude! Which clip is your favorite?

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Mao kong says:

sooooo is the doll suppose to represent a specific nation or ethnic group ? I'm offended

Jorja Novak says:

I love how freaked out he is when he realizes he has a stick 😂😂

New3DSLUIGI364 says:


Jeff's Version of the Vulgar Ventriloquist Joke about the Ventriloquist having their hand up their Puppet's Butt!!

eL Vaporista says:

Who else waiting for best of jose jalapeño 😍

Yoel Armas Jr. says:

All of Peanut is Best of Peanut

Matt says:

Oh man, they didnt include

P: And you know the best part? I know I'm pissing him off, and he would like to kill me, but he will not because that would be a kind of suicide-
P: You want to kill me?
J: No.
P: Yes.
J: No.
P: Yes.
J: No.
P: Search your feelings Je-F-F.

Jason Tower says:

When peanut bit his arm stick i cried 😅😅

Kevin d says:

Strange to see how you have changed your face has really gotten smaller do you eat enough? Eat the same peanut does he keeps young 😂😂 God bless you

Kevin d says:

Would be nice to see a new minding the monsters this year !!! Or a new Christmas special think about Jeff !!!

Bad Andy says:

I love peanut

Bree Knot says:

Anyone else notice it says "Arguing h myself"

CantStayAway says:

Peanut is the greatest at roasting Jeff (Ha, peanut roast :P) which is one of the reasons it's so easy to forget that he and the other puppets are controlled and voiced by Jeff.

CantStayAway says:

My dad keeps insisting that Peanut looks like Miley Cyrus 😛

Lovey Cat says:

The best is when Peanut helps Jeff read "The Night Before Christmas."

Tim Kane says:

Thanks Jeff your acts all of them are awesome

Austin Rice says:

I have a tattoo of peanut on my arm

Scout Inquirer says:

Hello Jeff & Our Adorable Peanut. I have been along time fan, Thank you for the many years of Laughter and the Belly Chuckles. I Truly Enjoy all the other characters, but Peanut, You Always have a Very Special Place in My Heart 💜🤗🥰❤️

X-Calibur says:

Arguing h myself! Interesting

Linda Terry says:

Jeff does these puppets so well that they actually seem like real people. If Peanut…Jose'…Walter..Bubba J and Ahmed were real people…I would try living with them all at the same time for one week just to see if I could survive their craziness. Lol

Ikinararangal kong ako ay Iglesia ni Cristo says:

Hahaha Jef fafa is really great

Bryan Stuckenschmidt says:

The last video is me and my friends

Biniam Alemayehu Official says:

Is it ok to ask why Jeff's dolls are all male?

desmond farrell says:

Of all his puppets”Peanut “ cracks me up the most. 😍

Adam Hamilton says:

#NotificationSquad! Don't forget to KEEL that Like Button until its hand turns blue! And Subscribe with the Notification Bell on so you never miss another upload! Especially now while we're all trapped inside for who knows how much longer with nothing to watch. Now if you'll excuse me, I'ma go Binge watch all of Jeff's videos on YouTube and Netflix so they can give me a reason to laugh out loud until my insides hurt 😂😂😂