SPRAY PAINT Art on Leaf – Planets 3D

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Hey guys. Here is tutorial how to make step by step from scratch SPRAY PAINT ART that GLOW IN DARK.

– It took me less than 10 min to make this Spray paint art on leaf but i speed it up so u can enjoy more in video and save your time 😀

Check one of my latest spray paint video :
Spray paint art GLOW IN DARK planet on leaf 3D

*I record this video with Sony action cam and here is my affiliate link where u can faind it:

And don’t forget to tell me in comments what would u like to see next so i can try to make it and if u have some question hit down below in the comments, I love to read your comments and to answer on it 😀

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Hope u Enjoy it 🙂

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Stay tuned and learn step by step waching tutorials how to become Spary painting artist.

Spray paint ART by Skech 🙂

Chav Ela says:

This has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Genius!!!

Ezaline Viola says:

Your bowls must be so friggin awesome o°0

Patriot fan says:

That's truly bad ass you think you can paint one of the assassin's Creed


Best picture

wjeshtica62 says:

Svaka čast! Odlično!

Christina Littleton says:

Hey, Sketch. I'm not sure if anyone has ever asked you these questions before, but what does the fire do when it comes to spray paint art? Also, has anyone ever mistook your spray paint for graffiti? What is the difference between street art and graffiti (besides one is legal and the other isn't)?

rodney adams says:

well this think outside box out in yard. kept think going put plants inside leaf shape put space and astrodes out line leaf but put plants on the leaf. so think going have frame the leaf and seed with this painting. so have leaf hang wall next painting. that cool see. well if do this think time tried folk art own twist. find norm arbram this old house or roy under hill. see if old worn out saw blad or hand saw. paint galley painting on those tools. make sure not collectors item or there favorite saw. but some ok hang on wall. folk art normal depicts country land scapses like milk cows pasture or apple trees. one favorite paints my mom has is of amish orange farm with milk truck drive buy. seem odd to me as young boy that amish have orange tree farm. amish not relistley drawn looked like almost kids rag doll. lot going on in that painting.

Martti says:

Wow! This is amazing!

Bayan Habib says:

can I ask…
from where do you bring your mask because I tried to skech by spray paint but the smell was near to kill me so pls…😚👌

Harshith Malhotra says:

so beautiful and amazing I love it

Dr Anitha Karthik says:

seriously, I am seeing this the hundredth time!

Juliana Bianchi says:

There's a way to order a paint?

manu kashyap says:

Where can i get the spray paints and stuff??…

Kenneth JF says:

leaves are brown? I'l go and check that up again

Steven Ho says:

Nice srt yo

Water Boy says:

Is anybody else hearing that stupid beat after the video 😂

Yakoubi Amira says:

what's the quality of the paper u drow on ?!

Des A says:

O Canada
Our home and native land
True patriot love
In all of us command
With glowing hears, we see the rise
The true north strong and free
From far and wide
Oh Canada
We stand on guard for the
God keep our land
Glorious and free
Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee
Oh Canada we stand on guard for the🇨🇦🍁

Ludmila Santos says:

Eu adoro os vídeos parabéns pelo seu trabalho ❤❤❤❤

Ajaya Sahoo says:

I am so happy you tiachar ,, sar i am odisha ru

Rahul Rahul says:

Very nice brother please do pubg picture please 😁👍

Roy Jr Quinto says:

Hello sir. Is it natural that spray paint looks gloosy after?

Roy Jr Quinto says:

Hello sir. Is it natural that spray paint looks gloosy after?

Melinda Jorden says:

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it very much

Vladyk Melnychuk says:

What's your favorite animal

faisal king says:

Nice panting

Ajaykumar Singh says:

Hi sir I am from India but I had watch your all videos I allso like the drawing very much. So I am telling that can u please give the price of 9 colours of spray paint of 400ml