Street Food Recipes | Gordon Ramsay | Part Two

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Even more recipes that are inspired by street food from across the world.

Watch part one here –

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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Muffin Tops says:

So there was a time when I wasn't a fan of cooking food, but then I became addicted to watching Gordon Ramsay cook and appreciate the art of cooking, now I feel like I really want start cooking with some passion

Jamar Bynum says:

I'm an alcoholic

Gavin WJ says:

Another slider recipe ffs…..

Justyna Łappo says:

Cooking a borga😍💗🦋🧸💖🍔🍔🍔

LATIF says:


Sakurakun says:

Ah yes a recipe with ingredients that I'm too poor to buy. But i still watch them cause why not

Sailor Mars says:

Me watching these videos while eating a chicken ceaser salad for lunch.


Ryan Payne says:

They vegan teachers doing a distract on you

Denesha Hickiiki?s says:

Vegan teacher made a Dis rap about you

MiquellvV says:

1 tablespoon of oil. Puts more than 1 tablespoon in

Brandi craft says:

Okay thank you so much for standing up because being teachers a b** and also how the f*** do you compare being homophobic and being racist to being vegan whatever the f*** she calls it that's nothing honey I get trampled everyday because I love black lives and I'm an lgbtq person I am pansexual nobody gives a s*** about me why the f*** should they give a s*** about that 😒

Tranquility 769 says:

If White Castle made their sliders with just the leftover grease from Ramsey's sliders they might actually be worth eating.

Kristina Marvin says:

Such a sexy man! Love you Gordon 🙂 like everyone else!

Sleazy says:

what you know about rollin down in the deep

BoomerBoi says:

Bro isn’t this a re upload


holy i can't follow your speed
who made this?

unnero1 says:

As nice as his foods look, I just can't help but dislike that he always presents and makes burgers the way that you could only eat it with a knife and fork on a plate, sitting because they are so huge and tall. why not make a flat one once in a while? Is it not considered proper one? I'm genuienly curious.

Pak Hitam says:

i want to see chef gordon ramsey to see chef wan from malaysia

Shonda SheWrites says:

I don't think Gordon even sees these comments. He wouldn't sit still long enough to read them 😂