Student Forces Nerd To Do His Homework

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Catalina Vargas says:

Gossiping naaaaa

Samika Arora says:

Bruh ofc I was her every day duh.

Lexi Cherry says:

Ugh that bully is so ugly😊😊

Shaira Grace Decasa says:

bily oh no😂😂😂❤️💚💛💙💜🍩🍩

Shaira Grace Decasa says:


andrew says:

am i the only one who wasnt scared of principal

Liyana Arya Aradi says:

My mind: if the bully was messing with deku idk how he would react but if he was savage I think he would say this.

Deku: don't be scared that your parents job 🙂

Kendi Burns says:

I love your video Sniperwolf

Kendi Burns says:


[] Lost Lens [] says:

Remember stupid bullies, nerd isn’t a insult, it’s a compliment.

lost-_- player says:

How do you block people on YouTube?

Just J says:

Who has met sssniperwolf in real life

Savionn David says:

Billy is mean