Student Humiliates Special Ed Kid ft. Lewis Howes | Dhar Mann

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00:00 Giveaway Intro
00:31 Student Humiliates Special Ed Kid, Then Lives To Regret It
10:20 Outro From Dhar and Lewis Howes
11:11 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Writer: Dhar Mann, Kat Davila
Idea: Dhar Mann
Director: Ruben Ortiz
Editor: Brian S. Nelson
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Byrrh Bryant
Sound: Noel Palacios

Young Lewis Howes – Nathan Kendall
Older Lewis Howes – Jesse Klick
Present Lewis Howes – as himself
Ms. Green – Riki Westmoreland
Ms. Wilson – Dana Cornelius
Bully – Graham Scherer
Older Bully – Steve N. Bradford
Student 1 – Angel Contreras
Student 2 – Devon Knopp
Student 3 – Roman Cabaong
Student 4 – Addison Gibbs
Student 5 – Dori Lovsted
Student 6 – Shayla Medina
Student 7 – Nicholas Robb
Student 8 – Isabella Moll
Passerby 1 – Eyvonne Leach
Passerby 2 – Mark Chinnery
Passerby 3 – Rey Torres

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Mohit Kundu9876 says:

this is my story😊

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Daisy Segovia says:

done, have a wonderful day or night dhar!:)

Rupertjohn De ocera says:

O my god the live room is fast

Akame Kill says:

In My Class There Is A Special Ed Girl And She Doesn’t Like Being Around Boys At All And Can’t Read That Well. So I Approached Her And Suprisingly She Let Me Talk To Her And Ever Since That Happened Her Reading Has Improved Significantly.

nikhil pai says:

Done dharr man ur videos are full of passion and desire especiailly this one

Ellie Brown says:

Done love you both

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Done plz a math book is my drem

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You are so inspiring! I love your videos! Have a great day everybody!

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I cried watching this video it's so sad

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DONE and thank u for the lessons u give me I don't want the price I like the leson

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Done Dhar mann

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Can I please have a Mac book pro I’ve watch all your videos

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Dannielle kassulke says:

i gonna give it to the erson who really needs one if i win it to elp them out bc they are having a lot of truble latly

Mililani Kiesling says:

This is so wonderful!!❤️

BeMyFwend says:

At least he’s trying to read a book 🥺

Rebeca Castillo says:

Hi I love you guys

Christopher Ottele says:

Wow this was amazing. This really motivated me more now on fulfilling my dreams and goals. I want to become a Rapper signed to Shady Records and work with my Idol and top 5 Rappers I love. That literally all I can say was this is just awesome and empowering. Thank you for this video

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“A brand new iPad Pro”
Me:but I got a iPad Pro

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Done( If you Believe you can Achieve