The American Civil War – OverSimplified (Part 1)

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TheUnknown says:

The emancipation proclamation freed slaves in the south but did not free the slaves in the swing states that were a part of the union. I know this next part is implied but I want to state it. The emancipation proclamation did absolutely nothing in terms of freeing African Americans at the time.

10/10 video btw

Johann Gabriel Batac says:

can you please do the philippine revolution next?

Terrnois RP says:

Just started watching video and think there awesome….think a 100 year war one would be great!

Wizards4Lyfe says:

Finally we get to see this

MyLittlePonyFan24 says:

General: Grant's a loony drunk
Lincoln: Well, what does he like to drink?
General: I believe whiskey, sir.
Lincoln: Then send him MORE!
Me: lmao

Jai Prakash Nagar says:

Make Sliggers Naves Again !
Trump 2020 !!

Pack of Storm says:

So glad that Mr. Lincoln killed all the vampires of the south…

Tbh though it was actually a quite good movie as a movie by itself just a simple horror action movie

Yoda says:

Inaccurate video: doesn't mention/elaborate on Abraham Lincoln being a vampire hunter.

Tyler Frank says:

Cool story the Lincoln court case about the full moon took place in my small home town of Beardstown Illinois.

spud says:

3:28 is that colonel sanders

Tayloch says:

Here's hoping we get Anti Animal Slavery States

Can We Get 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos? says:

Now, whenever Oversimplified uploads, I feel well… uncool.

On one hand, I get to see a hilarious video explaining normally boring topics in a fun way,
then, on the other hand, I have to wait another few months for another video.

Someone needs to punish him severely

Can We Get 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos? says:

It feels weird, the republicans being the good guys…