the GRILLED CHEESE I ate every other day for 2 years

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This is the Fort Greene sandwich from my old food truck, Food Freaks, named after Fort Greene Brooklyn, the neighborhood my truck lived. The sandwich is special because of this cilantro sauce my brother created. Its a sauce that is good on basically everything and today we will learn to make cilantro special sauce as well as a grilled cheese with bacon, avocado, Fontinella Cheese, sourdough bread all taken to new levels with this delicious cilantro sauce.

My Old Food Truck Recipes

3 Cheese w/ Tomato Soup Dip

Short Rib

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Watermelon Juice

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00:00 Making Cilantro Sauce
04:04 Food Truck Story/Fort Greene Brooklyn
07:02 Making the Fort Greene

Brandon Crowe says:

grilled cheese is literally the best thing in the world, especially with homemade bread and at minimum three cheeses, one overpowering cheese, one gooey cheese, and one that's mild, also Chick Fil A sauce makes every grilled cheese better


Holy cow that looks amazing

AF says:

Youtube REALLY wanted me to watch this video. Fine… And now I have to go shopping for grilled cheese with a personality.

Uwewe Wawewewowe says:

concentrated soap sauce. great

Angela Green says:

Definitely want to try that sauce/sandwich! Buy gotta find something other than bacon/pork …anybody have a good suggestion?

kyle grate says:

Just ran across this channel. Instant subscribe!


dont you run your truck anymore? why is that?

fanatic26 says:

First, we gotta talk about how there is a literal gene that makes cilantro taste nasty. If I bought a sandwich and someone put cilantro SAUCE on it I would smear that nasty shit on the side of their food truck and throw the rest of the sandwich through the window. You may as well put fucking fish sauce on it

0r1cken says:

is there anyone else in this comment section that are afraid of cilantro

Shakk Adams says:

Uhhh I’m making this TODAY

Keith Cari-an says:

Me sighting that Mang Tomas brown sauce 👀👀👀

Ludwig Fredriksson says:

Only me who left after hearing cilantro?

Morb11 says:

He cut so much off the spring onion, I cried..

Vivioux says:

You, sir, are one of the few cooks Ive seen cleaning their greens (or at least showing it in this depth in their cooking videos). Thank you, earned a sub! 💪🏻

Moussa Habanbo says:

I dont have Cilantro can I use a bar of soap instead?

Genokan says:

This is a melt, not a grilled cheese. Looks good though.

Sista soldier777 says:

So is the sauce basically guacamole with syrup and mayonnaise?

Ted says:

Imagine going to the freezer in the middle of the night for a snack and grabbing that blade.

David Kinchen says:

This is not a grilled cheese, this is a melt.