The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Review

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Updating the look but never losing the feel of the original, Link’s Awakening is a masterclass in remaking a classic. Reviewed by Joe Skrebels on Nintendo Switch.

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Pascal Gu says:

Now this is a proper review

Zev Wolf says:

Was not planning on buying this game as I believe it to be a bit overpriced and would like the frame rate issues resolved, but after watching this mans beautiful review of this game I think I will buy it solely to relive the nostalgia of this flawless review. My life has changed.

Creat ivity says:

Botw is better

Starlawd says:

Loving this game so far!

That One Guy Who Pissed Everybody Off says:

Links Awakening really makes you FEEL like a hero.

Allen Yu says:

Why'd remake of Zelda Link Awakening from GB decades, nice looking forward for remake and will Nintendo will make also Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons duology remake like Links Awakening?
I bet I'm curious about for Zelda game 😄

Th1zDwK says:

Ahh… My kind of game 🙂


Wow, this brings back memories…. I still have my original brick Gameboy that came with this game. Got it for my birthday when I was like 8 years old. Probably won't ever get rid of them.

Felix Leichtle says:

It has a little something for everyone

Marcus Fenix says:

this makes me want to break out 3d dot game heros

Tarquinius999 says:

This to me is a masterclass in how to make a review…

Megumin says:

IGN does "reviews" now?

Lance M. says:

The very fact you went back to play the original before this review shows how great of one it is.

nic guev says:

Awesome review, gud job guy!!


Came for Dunkey's comment but apparently everybody likes this guy

Dillion Dearinger says:

Is this more fun then the breath one?

joshua morales says:

Pokémon should take notes

Joey Illz says:

They should all fire themselves and keep this guy only

keith m says:

Just bc a reviewer really likes a game you really like

Jerry Gillis says:

Thumbs up…FINALLY!!!

Evenios says:

only thing is would be nice if it was like 40 bucks instead of 60…

VanguardRaven says:

Get away from IGN. Go solo.