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Want to know the smartest sewing purchases you need to make on your sewing journey? Watch this video!

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In my previous video I talked about the DUMBEST sewing purchases I made as a beginner, and that resonated so much with so many of you. So in this video I am giving you an alternative – the SMARTEST sewing purchases I made as a beginner. Whether you are looking for inspiration or guidance, this video will help you on your way to know what are smart (and dumb) purchases to make.

Mentioned in this video:

Dumbest sewing purchases video

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Janome DKS100 Sewing Machine (UK AFF LINK) [](

Brother Innovis NV1800Q Sewing Machine (do not buy on amazon, someone is selling for 3x the amount its worth!)

Fiskars Rotary blade (UK AFF LINK) []( (US AFF LINK) [](

A0 ‘self-healing’ cutting mat (UK AFF LINK) []( (US AFF LINK) [](

Bias binding toolkit (UK AFF LINK) []( (US AFF LINK) [](


00:00 Intro
01:02 Janome 8002DX Serger Overlocker
03:28 Sewing Ham
04:38 Curve Rulers
06:33 Rotary Cutter and Self Healing Cutting Mat
09:42 Tracing paper for sewing
12:13 Sewing Shears and Scissors
14:13 Marking tools for sewing
15:40 Mini ironing board
16:47 Bias binding foot
18:26 My beloved Brother Innovis NCV1880Q


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Planettime says:

Wonderful tips thank you! I just tried out my new rotary cutter and I am so glad i bought it as cuttingg will be so much quicker!!

Eva Wils says:

Dooont! Please save yourself the £25+ for something else, you really won’t use the Pattern Master. I bought one 6 or 7 years ago and I’ve used it maybe 7 times in all those years. I quilt and sew garments and do lots of pattern adjustments so I use the curves almost weekly. I have the normal plastic 12”French curve between that and your curve ruler with the square you are more than covered.

Thanks for this “best” and your other “worst” buys videos. I’ve made some of those mistakes too 😂. As you said the basic equipment and developing your skills with practice is really what you need to become a good sewer. And learning something from your mistakes so you improve for the next time you sew 😄.

My best purchase? My Bernina B380 which I got 3 years ago. It’s not my perfect machine but I love it and especially in 2020, as for so many people, being able to sew on a good machine helped me get through a difficult year!

chibiskittles says:

Laugh all you want, i have FOUR machines. 2 my mom gave me and 2 i bought. The third i got is a simple beginner Singer, and its my favorite. the most expensive is a limited edition Husqvarna thats middle end, and i am afraid of it xD

Lori Hall says:

I love the shirt you’re wearing. Looks like it might have a ruffle at the bottom of the sleeve. Could you share where you found the pattern? Or is it store bought. Also, what type of material you used. I’ve been sewing for a few years but brand new to sewing clothes. 😘

Jill Bennett says:

Ironable ruler! Oh man I love this thing!

Jill Bennett says:

I’ve seen this video multiple times now at different levels of experience, and I’m so grateful for the advice. I got a tall table (arthritis in my spine) and an awesome sewing machine and decent serger (not the air threading but not shabby) and I am so glad for these!! They make a world of difference! You’re right on here. Everything you mentioned I agree with completely! I’m so glad I saw this early on, too.

Sandra Gomez says:

I enjoy your work an am also a heavy set woman that enjoys fashion ware clothing… but I would like to know the best feet to purchase for my machine… what feet are the most used an what are a waste of money to buy…please make a video or write me a message… been wanting to buy a walking foot but don’t know if it’s worth buying one. Again thank you for your videos…

alana mauge says:

OMG I swear I thought I was the only one who thought the mat heal too your some funny & me it's been a year now I've been sewing & everything you said has happened to me 😁😁😁

d wailes says:

My daughter is going to swap to a serger because she hopes to sell her lovely children's garments. I want to upgrade to a better machine but worry if I jump to a serger I'll be trying to learn that and sewing my own clothes together and being overwhelmed. Is it such a big jump? Love your tracing paper! I'd use it for crafting too lol I will check out your info for helping with chronic illness to help for my fibromyalgia. Thank you for the info😁

SoOver TheRainbow says:

Pinking shears are a lifesaver for fabric that frays a lot. Buying an overcast foot for my regular sewing machine, mimics much of what an expensive overlocker does.

Margaret Parker says:

You are so sensible – just found you and watching all your videos. Well done you.

Penguin and Pear says:

Hope you enjoy this video. Let me know down below whether you agree with me or not? What is your smartest sewing purchase? Once you've seen this check out THE DUMBEST SEWING PURCHASES