The Spirit of Takumi | National Geographic

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The Takumi is a master of their craft and has dedicated themselves to it completely. Like a Takumi, becoming a photographer takes years of dedication and a passion for visual storytelling. Partner content for Mazda.
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The Spirit of Takumi | National Geographic

National Geographic

Grand unified celery says:

Takumi: A word that refers to a craftsman with excellent technology, Artisan. A person who holds the ultimate skill of a traditional craftsman and who is also respected humanists, such as showing off and teaching his/her own skill to a younger engineer. For those who are said to be Takumi, they have professional skills, it has been recognized by the world as an extremely rare entity that has pursued a single road of decades.

Ex.) Miya carpenter, joiner, wood craftsman, Japanese paper craftsman, scraper, carver, Buddhist image maker, metalworker, weaver, dyeing craftsman, devil tile craftsman, ceramic art craftsman, Japanese lacquer (Urushi) coating craftsman, Tatami mat craftsman,,,,,

Taslim Chaudhry says:



Autobot_Megatron says:

Mentions "Takumi"
No AE86 in sight.
No mention of Tofu delivery.
No Eurobeat.

Mazda is mentioned.
No RX7.
No Takahashi brother in sight.


Knight Shade says:

Oh we pushin' Mazda now?

Sãümyâ Shrëé says:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zones 😀

Sãümyâ Shrëé says:

Name sounds amazing 😉

SS K says:

Mazda is mediocre at best. Where is your HALO CAR?! Just a step up above Mitsubishi and wayyyy behind Kia, Hyundai, and well everything else accept… Mitsubishi.

JEM ROCK says:

👍 Good friend 🙂 💫 👍 nice car.

Janwee Choudhary says:

Can u show us the photographs taken there☺️

shin a says:

I only clicked because takumi fire emblem

Amal Joe says:

oops, wrong Takumi : |

Rifki Hidayat says:

I thought Takumi Fujiwara . Legend tofu carrier from Mt. Akina

أوربا بالعربي says:

Das freut mich sehr weiter. استركو بقناتي جزاكم الله خيرا

Jack Spedicy 2 says:

Takumi Minamino no?? I thought you were going to show his equalising goal from yesterday

Helmi jasni says:

I thought this is about a son of Bunta

David Glockzin says:

So this is just a commercial for Mazda, right?

zydwuzzhere says:

mazda commercial… great… you got me

JARJCR97 says:

well i got scammed

National Geographic says:

The Takumi is a master of their craft and has dedicated themselves to it completely. What fascinates you the most about this concept?