The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

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If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:

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Black holes are the most powerful and extreme things in the universe and they are wildly weird and complicated. What would happen if you fell inside one and what are they really?

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Wayrail says:

'Nothing can fall through a black hole'
steve: 'Hold my suspended ender pearl'

Fact Flash 04 says:

Make video on white hole also

the unknown 36 says:

3:07 reqruim da

mamacato says:

How long usually until there are subtitles? Waiting for Japanese specifically. Thanks to anyone who has any insight.

The Bomb says:

I'm literally terrified of space. Why am I watching this

M A N G O says:

If every singularity is the same, then does that mean a blackhole made with exotic matter would have mass, despite strange matter having negative mass?

Marbledself says:

Please do Meares Irlen syndrome next

Indra Arora says:

We would love if you add English subtitles 👍

Voridy says:

this is like the real Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

Ezekiel Humphrey Alfonso says:


OpraLatis says:

Steve Taylor is a bit tired today.

Anime Moments says:

Put automatically generated english subtitles >:(

Stefan Frisk says:

More fantastic fantasies…🤑

Nalmas Mohd says:


SundishMelonFarm says:

Wait. What if we use a giganntic flashlight to send a lot of light Waves into the Black hole so we can probably See around us because we are also Being pullet in the Black hole as fast as the light…

LovelyMango says:

its crazy that every matter that enters a black hole like, giant starts, galaxies, everything is just stored in a single point, like a small dot on a paper, and thats not possible so just imagine the force needed to keep it together, honestly it scares me a lot

Physics Villain says:

Plz provide English subtitles

rollingdownfalling says:

This channel is German in disguise, interesting. Now I am curious whether the person who narrates the video is a bot, because it's just too perfect, then again the pronunciation for Kurzgesagt is also flawless so it may not be a bot generated voice coz they're normally bad at switching between languages. The narrative is pretty impressive.

Judging by caption, maybe you're Vietnamese living in Germany like Hazel who does Mukbang??

Jan Solo says:

So you say in a Black hole is another Dimension? The singularity is 1 Dimensional, the ringularity is 2d and everything Else is 3d (besides time)

gabriel nheon says:

Next video of Kurzgesagt:
"Why nuke a black hole its a bad idea, let's do it!"

Phil O says:

Space and time are constant, the way atoms experience space and time depends on their proximity to other atoms

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

Ok, phew. So we are done explaining any properties of black holes forever. If we ever talk about black holes in future videos we'll always link to this video. If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love: