Things Were Better Before.. *PROOF*

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Angelina Babinska says:

Whats up with the filter ?

Sub Par says:

In another 100 years ppl will probably say “how were people back then so stupid” abt things we did

SB's Gaming says:

Things were better before i born……………………………………………………………………..

afshin jafari says:

In the past pee was used for everything

Ted Distel says:

G-Fuel. It's what's plants crave….

Theenderman9 says:

Who were the persons to knock on the window knockers window to wake them up called

M J says:

Wall Street journal was bad from the beginning

Raj Shri Krishnam says:

World's oldest condom was found in Lund Sweden.
If you know what I mean

Vanilla Gorilla says:

Things were better before I watched this 🤦‍♂️😂

KlatschEI says:

Ah yes,
Modern achievements

We fought wars to not pay taxes for peeing…

jack savage says:

Pewds them arms looking hella good no homo

Some Next Guy says:

When haIf the things in here are aIready taught in history

Jayden Sandoval says:

He said that drinking alcohol is better than gfuel

PIXELGamerz Xvlogs says:

211,998th like yes

Josiah TV says:

WAIT.. we didn’t get to look at graph..🥲

Zikayon Secondary says:

Best intro ever


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