TikTok's Toxic Diet Culture Needs to be Stopped

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I’ve been asked to take a look through the diet + weight loss content on TikTok so many times recently. Social media is full of scams and hearsay and I hope this video’s a little reminder to show love to anyone online who might be struggling and point them towards qualified voices: Registered Dietitians and Medical Doctors.

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A few of my favourite papers assessing the impact of undernutrition on health and the effectiveness of a highly restrictive diet on long term weight loss (there are lots more but I am hitting YouTube’s word limit! ☹️)
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If you’re interested in the interviews with RDs and MDs about lemon water, ACV, cayenne pepper etc below are some examples (I haven’t found any rigorously conducted and peer reviewed scientific literature into this, which says something already!)
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Ava Carey says:

How are you staying motivated to eat healthy and work out especially with everything going on right now?

Anorte Moeller says:

The bra (?) strap with the gold detailing is super cute! Where is it from?

Sinta Price says:

This is a great video. Natacha you have such wisdom. Thanks for being true to yourself x

Ellen Kehoe says:

I love your mindset so much, you're such an inspiration!

Vanella Icecream says:

I reckon a lot of people eat 1,400 kcal on occasion but actually eat a lot more on the average day.

cham says:

re: getting sick to lose weight, iin my country a few years ago there was a "secret trend" where some people would literally buy tape worms – yes – tapeworms, and ingest pills with them etc to get the parasite because it supposedly helped lose weight without having to restrict caloric intake and the treatment for it apparently makes you lose weight too so they thought it would be a quick wight loss hack….. it was terrifying

Katie Elisabeth says:

I find it worrying people who think eating 'healthier' means eating healthy foods and limit the amount of them. If you were really concerned about being healthy and hitting nutrient requirements, theres no way you'd be able to do that on so little so it doesn't make sense to do that if weight loss isn't a concern

Cool says:

I really love your channel🥰 I’m 15 and im in a process of loosing weight and I see all these tiktoks everyday and they make me so unsure. I eat less everyday now, and Im very hungry but i dont wanna Gain weight…

olivia foxwood says:

This was eye opening

Mona. _Lisa 13 says:

One of my close friends is now trying to lose weight( shes the skinniest out our friend group) and shes on tik tok ALL the gosh darn time, im scared its because shes being influenced by the app

P. S. I know that just because shes the skinniest in our friend group doesnt mean shes skinny, but trust me she is

Amelie Power says:

i had to delete tik tok because seeing all the diet content and extremely skinny girls triggered my ED

Amelie Power says:

it helps when you hang out on the gay side of tik tok so im ok

Noodle Doodle says:

Hey you!
Do you want be tired all day? Get headaches and feel like you're gonna puke your lungs out when climbing stairs? Feel weak, have dry, spotty skin and eat only once a day?
No, no you don't. You might feel skinny and think you're gonna get more recognitiob. But in reality just taking good care of yourself would be enough to get you that attention and confidence! Don't starve!!

Tori Flores says:

I have so much respect for you Natacha. I love how you always fact check and give us REAL information. You are the best

Anna Kincaid says:

OMG add extra guac wink Your so funny <3

mikayla hug says:

thank you… just let me feel so much better to know that I MAY INDEED it that muffin I am craving! And that its not weight, its my health <3

Jennie Bennie says:

I was curious as to how much I should be eating so I looked up a calculator and it asks for me weight. Sis I haven’t weighed myself in years

Chloe Blackledge says:

I would love to see a video on whether waist trimmers/sweat bands work because I know there is information on the internet but I don’t know where to find it or what to trust, also loved this video ❤️❤️

Audri Rianna says:

This made me grab an apple

Sian Bannister says:

I just want to publicly state that I love Natacha ?? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – YOU’RE AMAZING KEEP UP THE INCREDIBLE WORK!!! <3

Grannvale Flame Emperor says:

You make your own ice cream? That's really cool!

Jill Rose says:

i struggled a lot with disordered eating mixed with heavy gym days and lots of cardio to rid guilt of eating anything at all last summer and downloading tiktok has definitely had an influence on bringing back traits of that again this year

Maria Maria says:


Natacha Océane says:

In case it helps, Britain’s NHS shares that 2,223 calories is the average estimated energy requirement for a 13 year old girl. This only increases through adolescence (it’s nearly 2,500 calories for 17 y/o girls) and bear in mind that this is assuming an average level of activity which realistically isn’t going to be that much. Growth and development have significant energy requirements and we shouldn’t just take them as assumed ♥️ I hope it helps, love ya 💛