Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski | Big Game Ad | #TheGOATin5G | T-Mobile

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We love the big game. The rivalries. The drama. The build-up. The athleticism. The sportsmanship. The ads. For the last eight years, T-Mobile’s gone big for the big game – Bieber, Tebow, Harvey, Drake, Snoop & Martha, Handler & Silverman, Anthony & Mama Doris and even a Kardashian. But we’ve never been banned. Until now.

We made this amazing ad starring the amazing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Even after editing, the spot was still banned “based on the … protected telco rights deal.” So, watch and decide for yourself … what does the “official telco sponsor” not want you to see?

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CZ Christopher says:

Dolphins fans: "If only he thought it meant to come to Miami"

Investor 2.0 says:

Maybe it is 😂

REAl REAction says:

I had to watch this Twice

M C says:

1.4 thousand haters 🤣🤣 ….suckers

Dan Lee says:

lol they better come up with a follow up commercial

CastGraph3789 says:

So if Tom Brady had T-Mobile he would have retired

Vanillanova Rex says:

That’s some lousy acting, I’ll buy Verizon

Huncho F Mateus says:

Gronks foot arch is unbelievable

Craig Fishburn says:

CHEMTRAILS in right corner of the frame around 0:12 then you see it again on the guys phone..Perfect tic tax toe board or #

CC8 says:

Plot twist that’s what really happened.

Laura Henry says:

Tom Brady rules

dominic williamson says:

Its that easy

Vihaan Vatsa says:

Wait a second your telling me that if Tom Brady had t mobile internet he wouldn’t have gone to Tampa?

Jay Surles says:

That is the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen, and true at the same time !

Mike Holdren says:

t mobile i love u ive used t mobile before and it it useful thank u sooooooooooooooooo much!

Edino Steele says:

Shots fired

Jayson Ong says:

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Bud Knightz says:

Why does Brady look like John Cena in this commercial

talangutmacuonghurentewn talangutmacuonghurentewn says:

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SiR Nik vlogs says:

This is gold and such a flex!!! Lol

theweap0n221 says:

Anyone else realize this is a slightly different version than the original? Like in this he says Florida but he says Tampa bay in the real one

Christopher Williams says:

TB12 the GOAT! Gronk: “what is your best Super Bowl Ring?” TB12: The next one. ☝🏾