Trump Organization Under Criminal Investigation by New York Attorney General

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Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, May 19.

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Trump Organization Under Criminal Investigation by New York Attorney General – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Terry Sutherland says:

Yes, change the bag… and the hose… and the motor… and probably the handle.
So gross.

Crystal Ewers says:

It did take me a second.

CometTamer says:

That 12 year old should run for Congress someday.

Damien Pol says:

The Democrat mafia has been going after Trump for five years now. All because he showed the American people how corrupt they are.

snoski says:

OK…on the vacuum story….I totally understood that story as the kid was using the vacuum as a masturbation aid. Then I got a chuckle out of "change the bag" assuming Seth was talking about it being filled with ejaculate, which….gross….but I still laughed at the punchline. Then he said he was waiting for someone on the west coast to eventually get it. That made me think, wait a second….I was pretty sure the meaning of that punchline was obvious….why would he think it would take time for people to get it? …Am I missing the joke or is my mind just so much in the gutter that I understand it way faster than he thinks the average person would? LOL

Toni Roberts says:

Trump organization under criminal investigation??
That’s weird

Kuras FX says:

Who is the target audience for this?

JC Pulp says:

Not his strongest effort, but I'm still a fan.


Better to catch the son with the vacuum instead of the daughter although if the SCOTUS shoots down Roe vs. Wade decision you can expect vacuum sales to young women to go up in RepubliCON led red states.

Gravestone999 says:

Biden may not be the best President, but at least he's down-to-earth and believes in America.

Amber Sohail says:

I'm from Dubai and I got it in an instant! Ref: last comment 🙂

James Gerber says:

Seth… Try again tomorrow buddy.

Michele Kett says:

I’ll guarantee that Joe was not from Pangea. Lemuria? Maybe.

AsmrtOtakuV3 says:

3:04, Yes, it did in fact take me a second.

Marguerite Hudsell says:

The Coast Guard saved my life as a young woman in a bikini once. Dad's boat broke down in the Bay. We were stranded hours. Help finally arrived. 🙂

Jack Kagan says:

This is a repeat.

Rochelle Creef says:

Got it. I'm laughing 😅 in Calabasas California. 1st thing, clean out the bag! I'd say the kids inventive, but maybe saw his dad. Was I just thinking outloud again?

Alexa Trinidad says:

The handsome field fifthly bubble because degree morally radiate between a perfect fedelini. lively, tan rabbi

Samantha Phillips says:

@ 0:03 *gasp *clutches pearls! How dare you!

John Lorz says:

What should you do if you find your teenaged son with a vacuum doing nasty things?