Trump Praises “Demon Sperm” Doctor Who Pushed Hydroxychloroquine: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and his allies in the right-wing media amplifying an unhinged viral video lying about the coronavirus.

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Trump Praises “Demon Sperm” Doctor Who Pushed Hydroxychloroquine: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

chucku00 says:

The only police that can arrest Bill Gates is Comic Sans.

Carl Clausewitz says:

LOL. Italy is the New Jersey of Europe.

Carl Clausewitz says:

I can confirm that I have boned many demons.

Nigel Brownwellington says:

Dennis Miller always signed off with a Lefty flourish. That was right-handed.

DeepRootsFilms says:

Amount of Seth lackeys who looked up the studies on Hydroxychloroquine in these comments = 0
Amount of Seth lackey who understand nuance and that it needs to be combined with Zinc to work effectively = 0
Amount of Time Seth explains that = 0
Amount of Seth lackeys who blindly drink Seths statement about Darkmoney = Nearly All
Amount of Seth lackeys who are beyond group think = 0

RL Days says:

Trump should have that crazy witch doctor give him his daily briefings every day… as long as she sticks to script or we will have America invading the congo to serve up some karma to her family foes.

Charge0Complete says:

Seth, don't be an idiot…its candle up the ass and swallow the garlic…sheesh

Nevenblue says:

Love the show but… I can't take the captain anymore…


The truth is that Trump was right about hydroxycloroquine but now is foolishly on the vaccine train. It's a pity as tens of thousands have died needlessly so far as hydroxycholoquine works and it could have saved them. The biased and propaganda spewing media, corrupt and biased so-called medical experts like Dr. Fauci and others have attacked hydroxycloroquine due to their own biased viewpoints. For your edification hydroxychloroquine has been safely prescribed for decades unlike the flawed studies and biased doctors that claim otherwise. Dr. Fauci immediately denigrated this safe and effective drug in favor of an as yet nonexistent vaccine which will be filled with toxic chemicals and as Dr. Fauci has recently stated he will be happy if it is 50% effective. The biased and propaganda spewing media and the doctors who attacked this safe and effective drug have the deaths of tens of thousands on their hands.

Purple Rain says:

That's because he is the devil walking right here on earth. The revelation 👿.demon..

David Loscialpo says:

Here is the proof hydroxychoroquine does work and the study is peer reviewed.
Spread the news before its deleted. Help save lives.

David KDM Tundra says:

Finally!!! It's actually mentioned, in a popular video, the truth about what hydroxycloroquine is actually for treating!!!! As a person with lupus, I may be allergic to it(I discovered that by a one time mistake, yikes!), but ffs, people!!! Stop taking medicine from people who need it.

J R says:

America must vote for Trump. He is not the perfect choice, but now he is the only one keeping us from going into a communist, anarchy, sess pool

J R says:

These communists are outlawing our doctors from being able to prescribe this. Yeah the Gates lethal injection is sooooo much better than a cure.