Trump's Impeachment Lawyers Are Very Bad: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at Senate Republicans sticking with former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial despite the House impeachment managers’ powerful evidence and the fact that Trump’s lawyers are very bad.

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Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers Are Very Bad: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

frank Koutsioukis says:

This guy the type to say the media isn’t the problem
What a disgrace

Count Voo says:

Enjoy the "bubble" all living in folks …. it's gonna be rough in GITMO

Bob Jones says:

Is this funny?

Cris BF says:

Wow! Now, Trump is a victim of his own acts? I’m exhausted, 😔. No lawyer wanted to represent me, 😩. They are blaming me for everything I did wrong! 😢 They think that I incited my ignorant followers to siege the Capitol, 😭. Blah, blah, blah 🥺. I didn’t do anything wrong!
Trump still has to be made accountable for all the crimes he committed while in office, in conjunction with his family!
And the Trump enabler Republican Senators and Congressmen, who were co-conspirators, aided, abetted, were accessory with all the malice aforethought they could muster to help Trump commit his crimes as well as his sons and daughter! Jared and Yvanka made $640 millions during this administration. How in the heck…? Why? What did they do that was so important that they got that much money? And, now Laura Trump, per Lindsey Graham, is going to save the GOP. Does this mean that she will postulate herself for a Senator position, just like Yvanka wants to do so, too? These Senators are not smart, they are too old, and they are their worst enemy. Somebody needs to tell them that the Trumps are not semi-gods, much less gods! And that they in conjunction with the senators ruined the GOP!

Terrence Pierson says:

Tell me why trumps head is shaped similar to that Georgia shape next to his head 🤣🤣

TheBallsKicker says:

What is Set Meyers going to talk about now that Trump is out of office?

Lisa Wiggins says:

Rudy doesn’t have 1.3 billion dollars…. Oh well…. Guess he can go straight to prison.

Ajqualix Arammaen says:

Hello commie trashes.

AshleyBobLes says:

Which party is this a political advert for?

Thatleftyjames says:

Well well well still acquitted

L says:

Trumps lawyer was fantastic regardless of which side you're on lol these ppl are sickening and can't be objective. And they're not funny.. at all

Crypticmind242 says:

And yet, he was still acquitted. Says a lot about the other side doesn't it?

dcoog anml says:

And yet, he was still acquitted. Says a lot about the other side doesn't it?

N Z says:

Yes, it is obvious, they are hungry to get rid of Trump. And the lawyers were not that bad, and they were able to connect the dots in an epic way…they won! Trump has not given motives for impeachment it is only in the crooked mind of the dems. By the way, it was mentioned several times at the trial that the riots at the Capitol were pre-planned and they started before Trump had even finished his speech which he was having in a location a mile away from the Capitol. Think, who benefitted from the chaos, for sure not Trump. So, who planned it? Hmmm!

Fondel Maddick says:

Which is why Trump tore these idiots a new arsehole….. Again.
Trump won by a landslide, and Trump's still flying around in AF1.

future says:

Nothing will happen to trump. The rules and laws dont apply to him……

Diane Andersen says:

Congratulations on your new baby boy.Go get your wife some flowers.

Jacqueline Hughes says:

The loutish beef simultaneously stretch because windchime grossly match except a untidy amusement. miscreant, bewildered december

E L says:

how that work out for you woke soy boy?

Ananya Guhabiswas says:

Wait…is this Seth guy supposed to be funny?

Bernice Cline says:

Trump is crazy lock him up tired of hearing his voice everyday

Gi Suzi says:

The careless Democrats who has wasted the money of the Uunited States
people should pay out of their own pockets the tolal amount that was

Calvin Smyth says:

Trump was acquitted, again. Either his lawyers are better than you will admit or the DNC case was sh*t.

StevenMann1573 says:

…rand paul looks like a doodle that was hit by lightening and came to life…
Trying to imagine this killed me.