Ultimate French Toast | Jamie Oliver

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French toast the Jamie Oliver way. Make it for some one you love, or someone you want to love you.

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French toast?
I believe the correct name is 'eggy bread'.

Kamuisan123 says:

I just did this to my wife. She was so happy. Thanks for cool recipe

Majesty Uber Red says:

Wow, I never thought icing sugar can make a bigger difference in making French toast. Really going to try this one someday.

GEO says:

that man's on the glue..lol

Finn Starkey says:

Fucked it with the yoghurt

aceventuraify says:

Just made this for my wife for Valentines Day. Thanks in advance Jamie for the reward I will get tonight after we put our kid to bed.

AShley Mais says:

I attempted to make this.Never had yogurt so I used icecream BaD iDeA!!

Andis Zvejnieks says:

Don't think that Dr Greg would approve.

Yossi Yaari says:

I make banana mashed in scrambled eggs. It's a real treat.

Dr. Debajyoti Bose says:

He didn't film himself eating it, the camera cut there.

Fahd Noshin says:

That Banana is straight up blasphemy to me.

Girls Like Machines BERLIN2020 Techno out now says:

This is exactly what I need. 👏🏻🤠

Vivien Reinhart says:

Noooo the bread slices are way too thin, what is this Jamie😶😶😶😶

dominique says:

I tried this without the chocolate & banana. It was a bit dry and I'd recommend adding at least 2 teaspoons of sugar to the egg mixture!

Bjorn Egan says:

this is the quality of 'french toast' you'd get if you let me cook it.. in other words, garbage. anyone want a very thin scrambled egg sandwich with chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla? then throw some sour yogurt on it with some nuts and banana. yum?

SuperEpicgod says:

This guy still knocking about jeez

Kamron James says:

my doc doesnt approve of this