Waitress Flirts With Husband In Front Of Wife (WWYD)

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Done I want a ps5 really badly

Aubree Hinds says:

“Done”, we’re not telling stories, we’re changing life’s

Oksana Thompson says:

I will cry if lia doesn’t upload
Me when she doesn’t upload : :”{
When she uploads : 😀

Roc X says:

Karen alert!

Patricia Jah says:

"We're not just telling stories we're changing lives!'

CookiesPlusMilk5 says:

Just give them there foood idiot

giuliana johnson says:

if that was me i would just smack the person and no tip

Under dog Art says:

Done we aren’t just telling stories we are changing lives


Swear to god if they do this to a yandere OMG

Irfan Marzuki says:

Done we are not just telling stories we're changing lives

Jax Benson says:

I’m soooo dead

Henry Hampton says:

Done and done

Muhammad Ali says:

Subbed to both channels! Never owned a gaming console, so hoping on this

Nare Qashany says:

I really like your vids

Adriyana Lockett says:


XxOlivia_UwUxX says:

Awww your pigtails are so cutteee

Gilberto Gonzalez says:

we are not just not telling stores we are chaning lives

Ayda Me says:

7:35 if I was the guy taking the picture, I would take a selfie and throw the guy's phone.


This so good

nono says:

threes the man behind the wife looking

Taghrid Elias says:

Sink water gang 🤚

Sachin Sunil Cooking Videos says:

Who thinks that lia's hair looks cute

Dorcas Kolajo says:

Half of the comments are saying half of the comments…..

Michelle Lansdowne says:

The second one though…KARENNNNNNN!

Gretel Thackeray says:

HE MIGHT PUNCH YOU BY ACCIDENT😭😭😭😭😭 why is this so funny to me???

Monique Hines says:

People in the comments need to get more creative

Life with Amani says:

Done we aren’t just telling stories will change I really need to space five because my sister birthday is this valentine date by and done

Pog champ wee wee Butthole. says:

Hello friends it’s me Your favorite Pog champ Wee wee Butthole THEThIRD!

Alisha Tasmin rose' says:

Her reactions are the excellent