Worlds Funniest Engineering Fails

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Worlds Funniest Engineering Fails

Hansel Finn says:

This happened because they smoke led

Akz Camo says:

The fact anyone thibks most of these are even real

TheLeon says:

6:53 it's like that everywhere in germany

:;subBot38 says:

4:35 its not an accident its a neo

Taisetsu Gadget says:

Number 51 it wasn't failure, its for the forklift

jose perez says:

The past font ethnically attempt because billboard natively allow modulo a abundant neck. xenophobic, skinny biplane

Marit says:

7:03 actually these are common in the Netherlands, its for your bike, your wheel goes in there and you hold it walking next to it lol

Norton Diss says:

Do Ozzy man reviews with JJ, Ethan, Harry and Simon

Phoenix Clayton says:

React to afl biggest hits

Jimi Koskinen says:

the number 21 is common sight in Finnish railway stations

melissa sotelo says:

Y’all have to understand drawings are contracts so you have to follow what’s on the page. In general plz follow code and you should be fine 😂😂😂

justs0li says:

Josh is the only one understanding the jokes of the video haha

Alexander Petræus says:

The bridge one, actually happend in Denmark. They build the bridge from two different ways so they could me in the middle, then they fucked it up and it is actually a very cool thing now in Denmark still in use

Bosco Lgz says:

Do a video like building a chair compition. That'll be interesting and no watching tutorials just get some wood, tools and make plans on your own and build.

Exauticz says:

So tired of seeing vik and josh and tobi in these

edik bazaar says:

4:05 AHA gotcha vik. cant explain every mystery.

leprechaun says:

Why is vik so smart

Amber Turnbull says:

Anyone else thinking that the man speaking sounds like the man that plays Monica’s dad in F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

lintios lin says:

Truly disgusting, that some “people” do this horrible thing.

Sean Brolly says:

The bridge photo was actually real but it’s straight it’s just the angle of the photo that makes it look wrong. I seen a video about it once

william h-w says:

None of these are engineering there just builders messing up and/or architects