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Catch up on over 100+ great games with Xbox Game Pass on the Xbox Series X|S. Then stream Marvel Studios’ Original Series’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier starting March 19th on Disney+ to unlock your inner hero.

Continue your adventure through the world of Xbox and Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier:




0:52 Thor: Finally I found you!

SaltireSkillz says:

I thought Noobmaster69 was Deadpool

Chad Ocreto says:

Anyone else think that Sam (Falcon) should have replied with an “I can do this all day”?

MGT-Gabriel THe_Gamer_Arg says:

Thor ira por él 😂😂😂

NGASIE says:

Noobmaster69 did you also know that guy was also in winter soldier!!

One does not simply says:

This dude: "I'm not even playing Doom right now, so why do I hear-"

OARG El guapo says:

He lost weigth

Satriyo Wahyu says:

Aaron All Along…

dolita windo says:

It's the guy who appears in Captain America Winter Soldier .

Trite Arrow says:

Too bad Aaron wasnt wearing his glasses. He has the exact same glasses as Captain America at home

Mayank Maximum CX says:

That means forza and gt sport mixture see it logically

Emirhan Otoğlu says:

"Thor liked this video"

alida flus says:

Thor: BRING ME AARON!!!!!!!!!

Hayden Withers says:

thats the guy who almost blew caps cover back in the winter soldier

Emerld says:

What was the first gane shown?

Billy Sitompul says:

He's right on your left, Sam

imposter YT says:

Imagine Thor immediately use the Biftost in the Milano just to find Noobmaster.

bilishu aliss says:

It's the guy who appears in Captain America Winter Soldier .

gummymin says:

I love how they do stuff like this. The detail and making sure everything links together 💞

Tony Basulto says:

thor made this guy cry or was it the cousin he was talking about who was crying??😂😂

JimmyX Wolvie says:

…well I guess it's now safe to say that the deadpool being Noobmaster69 theory has officially been DEBUNKED.

AngstaBoy Productions says:

After this commercial…

Falcon: Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

Thor & Korg: breaks in

Shaun Drabble says:

Dono why they bother advertising the scalpers still have all the stock!

Kornflakes 24 says:

I find it funny how they don't even play the avengers game.

Chris. J. Cantu says:

This time Thor going for NoobMasters head

Weike Alen Phinjaya says:

imagine seeing Aaron crying after hearing Thor shouted him like that :v

lucasbrtk says:

Thor: now you will turn the USB

devin7136 says:

All the dislikes are from Thor and Korg.