Zerkaa Says Mr. Beast's Content Is Bad

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Wild Raccoon says:

Mr beast: First person to bring me Josh wins 100 000$.

Dylan Docker says:

That’s rich coming from the loser who should be kicked out of the Sidemen lmao

Kokichi Strife says:

It’s actually bad ngl

legendsnowSK says:

Mrbeast’s content is meh tbh y’all over think it

ᴇ.ᴅ. says:

he's not wrong tbh

Shifat Azmain says:

remember them putting david dobrik at bae

Sanjith.k says:

Why David dobrik got cancelled?

Umar Ahmer says:

Idk his people find Mr Beast entertains tbh 😂every once in a while is ok but all he does is give out money

Vedaant Mahajan says:

davids content is shit

Stealthopapo says:

I mean it is bad

Andii says:

I agree his content is not creative its shit but atleast he's gets money right

Kruti Can says:

So why are u gay

Jaylen Brown says:

Unpopular opinion but mr beast is not funny and cringe af

MegaNationalist says:

Still waiting for Mr Beast to comment

SaL azar says:

why james charles is ranked hella lit wtf

LitModz says:

Dude I loved mr beast old content now all his content is fighting for money and I don't like it 1 bit so I stop watching it

Robin Aamer says:

That's why I don't like Josh…

A.R.D says:

I bet Harry is handling all these clickbaits

Itz Techzz says:

Find him boring tbh

Enriico says:

Harry : you saying his content shit?
Josh : no his content blghdjhvkl dude perfect

black nite says:

imagine he commented

Saar Nissim Engel says:

@MrBeast I demand your comment about this